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"I am over the age of 55 and live on a fixed income yard barber helps me by cutting my lawn for just $19.99 - Carrie

" I live in North Buffalo and I have a narrow driveway. I love the fact that Yard Barber has the small truck with the small blade to be able to squeeze through.  - Diane. H

" I like them because they really love what they do"   - John

" Chris personally goes the extra mile by watering my grass - Debbie

" I am 90 years old on a fix income, Yard barber provides extra services at no extra cost - Maggie

" This winter I was provided with excellent snow removal service - Peter.K  (Tonawanda )

" We own 24 houses in Buffalo, Yard barber Lawn Service is reliable and their online payments are a big plus

- Starin Realestate

" I love that they accept Credit Cards - Robin.F

"This past summer my mother received a fine for extremely high grass. She has a bad heart and is elderly , we contacted this service and were please with the price and extra time to resolve the problem - Mrs Reynolds

Here Are Our List Of Services We Provide

* Snow Blowing
* Topsoil/Grading 
* Plant & shrub planting
* Shrub& hedge trimming
* Flower bed restoration 
* Mulching

* Small Shrub removal   
* Minor Sod repair 
* Small Walkways
* Minor lawn repair
* Minor Re-seeding


Hedge Trimming



     Bed Clean out And Mulching


Retaining Walls 

Snow Plowing